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Social Tennis

Our weekly group Social Tennis sessions are free, self managed and open to players, 16 and over, of all playing standards.


MIXED SUNDAYS: 2pm-4pm / MEN SUNDAYS: 6pm-8pm / WOMEN WEDNESDAYS: 7pm-9pm / MEN THURSDAYS: 7pm-9pm / WOMEN FRIDAYS: 10am-12noon / MEN SATURDAYS: 1pm-3pm


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, each session will be limited to 4 players per court, who will all require to pre-register, up to 7 days in advance  To sign up log into ClubSpark and search for the session you require. https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/HillheadLTC/Coaching.  


Please DO NOT turn up without pre-registering for these sessions and observe Covid-19 guidelines, at all times while around the club and courts, See our Tennis in Lockdown page.


MIXED MONDAYS 7pm-9pm  (*£2 - This is a coach led session. For details and to book online click HERE  WOMEN TUESDAYS 11am-12noon (after a one hour coaching session at 10am) continues. For details and to book online click HERE

Our first FESTIVE BEGINNERS' TOURNAMENT, run by Hillhead Coach, Carole Wilson, attracted an impressive 18 players, undeterred by the traditional Wednesday night Beginners' class weather. We had 5 rounds of timed matches, each of 4 doubles (changing partners) and one single. Winner Joe and runner-up Chris, got the wine, wooden spooners, Kim and Walter, the chocs! Congratulations to all who took part. Our groups will return in the New Year. If you would like to join us, check the Adult Coaching page on our website or contact Head Coach, Ash Webster.


Our first LADIES' FED CUP  CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT attracted an entry of 12 players, in 2 teams - Holly and Ivy. There were five timed doubles rounds with every game won counting. Team Ivy, comprising Val, Sheena C, Sheena D, Morven, Isobel and Baljinder, despite trailing after two rounds, finished the stronger to take the 2020 crown. At the end of play it was chocs all round for the winning team with bonus prizes for  Baljinder (Shot of the Day) and Yvonne (Most Proactive Player at the Net). It was a lovely event with competitive tennis and good company. And it didn't even rain (much!) Well played to everyone.Carole Wilson (Hillhead Coach)      ACTION PICS IN THE GALLERY

Hillhead 2020 December 20th Ladies Fed Cup Group P


20201216 Hillhead Beginners P7


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