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Inter Club Tennis

TENNIS WEST OF SCOTLAND is the local office of Tennis Scotland (website).  We play in annual cometitions organised by them. In a typical year we would enter - Spring Singles/Doubles, Open Doubles, Senior Players Doubles, 60+ Doubles and Winter Mixed leagues,  Junior and Senior Calcutta Cups, Scottish Cup, National Leagues, adult age group KO competitions. Mini and Junior leagues too. TEAM ENQUIRIES:  email [email protected]


This year, TWoS has devised new Dunlop West of Scotland 2020 doubles leagues.  We have entered 4 womens' and 4 mens' teams each of 2 doubles pairs. Two back courts will be reserved  on match nights between 7pm and 10 pm. Our matches take place between 24 August and 25 September, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.




PLAYING FOR US To represent us, you must be a paid up Hillhead Sports Club member and also have an LTA membership, with your membership number linked to Hillhead LTC. Other benefits include an LTA Rating and a chance to buy Wimbledon tickets through our club ballot in the spring. To join for free, visit www.lta.org.uk/member/benefits/ or call 020 8487 7000.


If you're new to Hughenden and interested in team tennis, email [email protected]

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