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Inter Club Tennis

TENNIS WEST OF SCOTLAND is the local office of Tennis Scotland (website).  We enter annual cometitions organised by them, typically - Spring Singles/Doubles, Open Doubles, Senior Players Doubles, 60+ Doubles and Winter Mixed leagues,  Junior and Senior Calcutta Cups, Scottish Cup, National Leagues, adult age group KO competitions. Mini and Junior leagues too. TEAM ENQUIRIES:  email hillheadtennis@hotmail.co.uk


PLAYING FOR US To represent us, you must be a paid up Hillhead Sports Club member and also have an LTA membership, with your membership number linked to Hillhead LTC. Other benefits include an LTA Rating and a chance to buy Wimbledon tickets through our club ballot in the spring. To join for free, visit www.lta.org.uk/member/benefits/ or call 020 8487 7000.


If you're new to Hughenden and interested in team tennis, email hillheadtennis@hotmail.co.uk

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