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TENNIS  hillheadtennis@hotmail.co.uk

MEMBERSHIP  enquiries@hillheadsportscub.com

Club Guide

Please help us to support this world food charity by putting your used tennis balls in the tub in the tennis corridor.


MEMBERSHIP ENQUIRIES:  email enquiries@hillheadsportsclub.com

TENNIS ENQUIRIES:  email hillheadtennis@hotmail.co.uk

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Hillhead Sports Club members and  guests. Carry your membership card.

TIMES OF PLAY: 9am to 10pm. (last booking 9pm)

ENTRY: From 9am use the west players' entrance, with your security card. From 10am enter by the main entance through Café Source too.

SECURITY of the changing/playing areas is controlled by magnetic membership card at some ground floor doors.

FLOODLIGHTS: A FREE service. Café Source too staff will switch the lights on and off on request.


To save electricity, keep this door closed at all times.

COMBINATION PADLOCKS: All court gates have these to let you retrieve tennis balls. Lock the gate after use.

TENNIS COURT MAIN GATES: are for the use of coaches and committee members managing club activities.  Enter/exit the courts through the clubhouse.

TENNIS COURTS and SURROUNDS: Our courts are professionally maintained. Please wear suitable shoes without heels and use our litter bins.

PROBLEMS? Use Contact Us to report any matters of concern.

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We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour.  Click the logo for more.

Ring Pull

Tennis ball tin ring pulls are a safety hazard. Please put them in the litter bins.

COURT BOOKING SHEETS:  in the tennis corridor. Book on the hour up to a month in advance. The committee pre-books league matches, club competitions, coaching sessions and court hires. We try to keep at least one court free for social tennis at all times.

ALCOHOL:  The tennis courts and surrounds are unlicensed areas. You may not consume alcohol there.